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Behind the scenes on the GNR Tour

Posted: 2010-11-04 23:15:42

Make a YouTube video and win a Nova System and a PolyTune signed by Bumblefoot

Posted: 2010-11-02 11:25:16

Win a Nova System and a PolyTune signed by Bumblefoot of Guns N' Roses by completing just a few simple steps:

1. Make a video that includes a TC Electronic product. It can be about anything as long as it features a TC Electronic product, so whether you want to show off your favorite lick using a TC pedal or turn your audio interface of bass amp into a robot or a toaster, it's completely up to you!

2. Make sure to put "TC Electronic" and the name of the product you use in both the title and the description of the video.

3. Post your video as a response to this announcement video, and we will add it to the Competition playlist. That's it!

1. Prize:

A Nova System and a PolyTune signed by Bumblefoot of Guns N' Roses.

2. Prize (for the most viewed video made within the campaign periode): A Nova System and a PolyTune (not signed).

The competition runs from 29 October - 26 November. Good luck everyone!

The Coolest Girl in the World

Posted: 2010-10-27 22:01:13

HEAVY LEATHER NYC has rocked the shoulders of Lemmy Kilmister/Motorhead, Slash, Judas Priest, Jesse/Eagles of Death Metal, Uli Jon Roth, Testament members Eric Peterson and Greg Christian, Kim Mcauliffe of Girlschool to name a few. The guitar straps have been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hails and Horns Magazine and Mass Appeal Magazine.(Taken from Heavy Leather NYC .)

The GnR Syndicate talks with Rachael Becker, owner and operator of Heavy Leather NYC.

The GnR Syndicate: How did you develop this skill set? How did you get started? And how did that morph into the business that you have today?

Rachael : I started my company after working with a leather smith for a while making custom accessories. I worked in his shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He was a a 38 year old rock n roll dude and we listened to Howard Stern every day and played with leather. I’ve always wanted to work with music but never had any interest in the industry...I worked in fashion for a while but I simply enjoy designing and had no interest in the industry or runway shows, etc. And I was always into leather- so I combined my love of all 3 and when I was no longer needed at the accessory shop I started my own business.

The GnR Syndicate: You opened your store in 2008, what were you doing before this?

Rachael : I’ve worked various fashion jobs for large companies... I traveled around the world and was in charge of design and production in NY and China. I’ve overseen production overseas and I’ve hand made goods in Brooklyn. And in the end I want to support local business, the local economy and America in general. Times are tough right now and I want to actively participate in it’s re-growth, bring prosperity back to the community.

The GnR Syndicate: How did you tap into the rock industry, turning some of the upper echelon of rock into your clientele?

Rachael : The first dudes I strapped were Greg and Eric from Testament...I was backstage at a show at Jones Beach and Motorhead, Testament and Heaven & Hell were playing. I found out the night before that I had backstage passes so I made a strap for Lemmy... he is the ultimate Rock God and there was no way I would show up empty handed. So I hung around his dressing room and met his tour manager and told the dude about the strap I made for Lemmy. When they finished playing he let me in to the dressing room... I was speechless, tossed the strap at Lemmy and told him he was rad. He offered me a Jack n coke, told me to sit down and chill out. And it is history from there on, we hung out all night and still remain friends. At the next show in NYC he dedicated Iron Fist to me... and in NJ he dedicated Ace of Spades to me. RAD! And somehow it always works out like that...

The GnR Syndicate: What is the purpose of your upcoming road trip? You had done one of these prior right? How did that one work out for your business?

Rachael : The road trip will be for winter NAMM in California. But I want to extend that trip and either try to sell north or south... still trying to figure it out. My Kick starter project is at $1,055.00 now and I need $1,500.00 in 20 more days. If I don't reach my goal I get nothing, so please contribute!!!!!

My last road trip was from NYC to Nashville to Texas, down to New Orleans and back. It was amazing- I now sell in Nashville and Austin and hopefully soon in Houston.

The GnR Syndicate: Do you work directly with musicians to create exactly what they want, or do they just give you a range of ideas and let you surprise them?

Rachael : I work in a ton of different ways to get musicians strapped- some buy directly off of my website, but if they need a minor adjustment on the length or width they will contact me through email. Or for custom work they either send me photos of guitars they want strapped and I’ll send them a bunch of ideas, or they will send me inspiration photos as well. Local bands I can work with in person. I recently made a custom strap for Toni Iommi and he picked one out from my website and then I added some custom detailing. I also made one for Geezer Butler, but this one was ultra custom- he is a vegan so I made a ‘faux heavy leather’ strap. His guitar tech sent me a strap he likes so I used the basic template and feel and created a custom strap to his specs. But the design was brand new, my unique design.

The GnR Syndicate: Any good stories you’d like to share with us in terms of artists you’ve worked with?

Rachael : I’ll give you an abbreviated story .... I have so many... I was headed to Europe to Sweden Rocks Festival, going alone and meeting some friends from Spain at the airport in Copenhagen. It is a monster festival with all types of music ranging from super heavy metal to hard rock to country and glam. Headlining were Motorhead, Heaven& Hell, Poison, Uriah Heap, ZZ Top, Journey, Dream Theater, Foreigner, Blackfoot, UFO, Lita Ford, The Outlaws..... you get the idea.

So I was at JFK at the ungodly hour of the morning waiting for my flight at the bar and I run into Twisted Sister. Just me and them waiting for the flight. Unreal. So by the time we arrive at Copenhagen I’m friends with them. And I realize my cell phone isn’t working internationally and I don't know how to meet my friends from Spain (they were driving me to Sweden, many hours away). The Twisted Sister dudes tell me I’m going with them and throw my stuff on their tour bus. But I pulled it off- I had to remain loyal to my friends. I met up with them eventually and made my way to the festival. Got to Sweden, threw my stuff down at the campsite and ran for the stage. Snuck my way backstage (and you bet security was tight!) and ran into Marc from Twisted. He was so surprised that not only had I made it to the festival but I was backstage that he gave me a backstage pass. I then went with Twisted Sister backstage to watch ZZ Top play... and before I left for the trip I made a bunch of guitar straps, 2 custom ones specifically for ZZ Top. So I’m backstage watching them and I look to my right and Lemmy was standing right there! After the show I went back to the Motorhead trailer (they were playing the 2nd day) and drank a bit with them. But I had to get the straps to ZZ Top so I ran off and bumped into Marc again. I told him my plans and he told me the ZZ Top dudes were gone but I screamed there was NO WAY they had left without meeting me, the Gods of Rock would not let that happen. So I invited Marc to go on the hunt with me and a second later Dusty Hill rolls through with his manager. So I pulled him aside and gave him the straps and drank beers with him while Marc reminisced about touring with them years ago. Crazy! I ended up staying at a hotel with the Motorhead crew that night.

The next day I told my friends the story... no one believed me and one of my friends got sick because it was raining all night. Motorhead played and Lemmy wore my straps... Epic. It was still raining and the Motorhead crew offered me and extra hotel room. So I brought all of my friends back to the hotel and was about to hop in the shower when my friend bursts in screaming... I gotta head to the downstairs bar. I get down there and a bunch of bands including the Motorhead crew and Heaven & Hell dudes were there drinking. And I ended up drinking with Phil (Motorhead) and Dio all night. PARTY ON! A most excellent and successful trip! (and that was just the beginning)!!!!!! ;)

The GnR Syndicate: Where can we find out more about your work?

Rachael : You can visit my website
or check out my blog (you will find a ton of roadtrip stories there too.) Or on Facebook
,tons of custom work added all the time.

The Reaper on BBC News

Posted: 2010-10-15 22:02:02

“Witchwood School of Rock hosted a workshop with Bumblefoot and Frank Ferrer from Guns n Roses. This secret gig was held in Fat Lil’s in Witney on 12th October 2010 where several bands, including The Reaper, had the chance to perform on stage with Bumblefoot and Frank jamming along. This is the evening news coverage of the event.”

KOHD with Duff

Posted: 2010-10-15 21:55:15

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