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Skwerl gets probation

Posted: 2009-07-14 22:32:38

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From Wired News:

A Los Angeles man who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of uploading pre-release Guns N’ Roses tracks was handed one year probation and two months’ home confinement Tuesday after agreeing to cooperate with the Recording Industry Association of America to produce an anti-piracy message.

Cogill faced a maximum of a year in prison. The authorities, however, originally were demanding six months, claiming the amount of infringement equaled $371,000. The higher the number, the longer the potential prison term.

According to court documents, after Cogill agreed to help produce an anti-piracy public service address with the RIAA, the government withdrew the $371,000 figure and agreed not to fine him. Los Angeles federal authorities in March said the figure was a “reasonable estimate” that gave the defendant the “benefit of the doubt. ” The calculations, the government said, were based on each downloaded Guns N ’ Roses track being worth 99 cents on iTunes.

Read more here.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Posted: 2009-06-26 01:02:01

Regardless of you personal opinion of Michael Jackson, learning of his passing was surreal. It seems to be a reminder of our mortality; something that once was a constant is now gone. I always held a disdain for the harsh criticism towards Slash and his work with Jackson. Not necessarily because I was a huge fan of Michael, but because it seemed so narrow minded that one could not accept his obvious talent. If you appreciated his style or not, there was no denying his gift. Myself? I have always enjoyed a fusion of musical genres, and seeing Slash perform with Michael Jackson years ago was simply fun. And in the end, that is what it is all about: Fun. R.I.P.

Bumble and Friends

Posted: 2009-06-03 01:27:31

Ron has been quite busy and most recently had a chat with House of Rock Interviews which I recommend checking out.

Thal also made an appearance on the Hannity show last night on Fox. I'm no fan of Hannity, and it took me a lot to sit through his recycled diatribe, but if you're a fan of Ron it's worth checking out.

A niche market if there ever was one

Posted: 2009-05-01 03:02:19

Newbie animator Lena Boone brings a much needed dose of humor to a fan community that is sorely lacking a lighter side. This stuff just ain‘t for anybody either, it‘s specifically for Guns n Roses fans. We talked to Lena earlier this week and got the skinny.

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Lena Boone hard at work

The GnR Syndicate: How long have you been creating animations?

Lena Boone: I just learned to animate last September, so it has been about seven months now. Toon Boom rules!

The GnR Syndicate: How much work goes into this? How long does it take to create a 2-3 minute video?

Lena Boone: It varies. For example, that Karaoke Slash video took about forty minutes in total to create. The Jarmo video took a couple of days of hard work. If there is more detail in the backgrounds, if you‘re switching from one scene to another, if you have to create a character from scratch it takes a lot longer. All my GNR characters are cut-out characters that I keep in my library, so any time I want to use them I can just pop them in there. That saves a lot of time.

The GnR Syndicate: The dialogue is hilarious, who writes all the material?

Lena Boone: Aww, you‘re too kind. The material is either written by me alone, or with my sister Hannah Yester, and sometimes by my friends Dave Ellis or Jeff Shane. Those guys like to get a little more controversial than I do.

The GnR Syndicate: Who performs the voices?

Lena Boone: I do all the voices except for Duff and Izzy in “Fart Tennis” and Duff in the “Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Finale”, which were all done by my sister Hannah. People wonder how I can get my voice so deep. Ladies, beware the side-effects of certain hormone therapies. ‘Nuff said.

The GnR Syndicate: Online Guns fans can be overly dramatic when it comes to this band. Have you met any resistance to your infusion of humor into such a Trekkie-like community? What kind of feedback do you get from fans? Website owners?

Lena Boone: This is the weird part. I have received virtually zero negative feedback. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, which is strange for YouTube. I‘ve been expecting hate messages from the beginning, and have yet to receive them. I‘m not complaining! I haven‘t heard from website owners yet. I may after the latest toon, though. I would not be shocked.

The GnR Syndicate: Have you ever heard from anybody in the band about your work?

Lena Boone: No. Not yet, anyway. I hope if any of the guys have seen it, they can find the humor in it and don‘t think I‘m a total dick.

The GnR Syndicate: I notice all of these are based on the original lineup; do you have any plans for the new band one day?

Lena Boone: The new band doesn‘t inspire me. I adore the original lineup and that‘s who I‘ll keep working with.

The GnR Syndicate: Where can we see more of your videos?

Lena Boone: For all the GNR cartoons, visit my YouTube channel , or you can visit my personal Myspace page . Also, feel free to check out Hannah's and my other animated project (which we're very excited about).

Rob Carlyle of The Compulsions talks to The GnR Syndicate

Posted: 2009-04-22 00:57:36

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Photo by Bob Scofield

Describing The Compulsions’ sound may quickly become a subjective process; everybody seems to identify their own particular nuances.

What am I hearing right now? Tom Petty? The bluesy swagger of early Guns n Roses? Eric Clapton? The Stones?

Rob Carlyle isn’t one to delve into some grandiose, exhaustive narrative chock full of ego and cliches. His answer, much like the band’s music, is straight forward and to the point, “Rock ‘n‘ roll.”

Mind you, The Compulsions aren’t attempting to repackage a retro sound, they’re merely expanding on something that has been MIA for years now: An organic, no frills approach to kick ass rock n roll.

Their latest release “Been Through Hell” has been receiving stellar feedback and Rob Carlyle was nice enough to talk to the Syndicate about the new release.

The GnR Syndicate: How did the “Been Through Hell” launch party go at The Mercury Lounge?

Rob Carlyle: It was great. The Mercury Lounge was packed. A lot people have told me it was the best show they’ve seen in a long time.

The GnR Syndicate: Were there any standout moments of the evening?

Rob Carlyle: Usually when it’s a good night, I don’t remember too many details. So it’s all pretty much a blur. But after the show, someone in the audience said I was The Second Coming Of Keith Richards. And a few minutes later, someone else said I was The Second Coming Of Izzy Stradlin. So as far as I’m concerned, those are both two huge compliments.

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Photo by Bob Scofield

The GnR Syndicate: Who is in your band?

Rob Carlyle: Brian Gabriel on guitar, Joe Merrigan on bass, Frank Ferrer on drums and me on vocals and guitar.

The GnR Syndicate: How did you assemble this group?

Rob Carlyle: I saw Frank and Joe playing in other local bands. Joe recommended Brian, who was playing drums with another group at the time.

The GnR Syndicate: When did you hook up with Frank?

Rob Carlyle: About six years ago.

The GnR Syndicate: I do not hear any current bands that have this sound. How would you describe your music?

Rob Carlyle: Rock n Roll.

The GnR Syndicate: What was the writing process like for “Been Through Hell?” Was this a collective effort? Was it something you had been working on for a while?

Rob Carlyle: I wrote “Davy Jones’ Locker” with Brian and “Desperation” with Hugh (Pool, co-producer.) The rest of the songs I wrote by myself. Some of the songs were written and recorded a few years ago and some are brand new.

The GnR Syndicate: This album has a real flow to it and transitions quite nicely. Can you describe the recording process a little bit?

Rob Carlyle: That’s an awesome compliment. Thank you so much! The recording process changes from song to song. For example, we recorded some songs live as a four piece and we recorded some one track at a time. We don’t have a formula. We do what each song calls for. We do whatever it takes.

The GnR Syndicate: Was your vision of the finished product what you ended up with?

Rob Carlyle: Actually, it’s way beyond my original vision.

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Photo by Bob Scofield

The GnR Syndicate: My ear picks up a lot of blues with this CD. Who were your musical influences growing up?

Rob Carlyle: I started out listening to bands like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin and that led me to the blues. I’m a big fan of John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Bukka White... the list goes on and on.

The GnR Syndicate: What plans do you have for touring right now? Will you be playing in the city before then?

Rob Carlyle: We’re talking with a bunch of different bands about hitting the road together but that’s all the tour plans I can reveal right now.

We have a big show coming up in New York City on Wednesday, April 29 at The Gramercy Theatre (formerly The Blender Theater). It’s sponsored and promoted by Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Village Voice, Live Nation and WRXP. There’s also going to be a huge after-party across the street. This should be another really fun night.

The GnR Syndicate: Any bands you would like to tour with?

Rob Carlyle: Only the best.

The GnR Syndicate: Whats’ the band’s next move? Could we see a video on MTV perhaps?

Rob Carlyle: Some incredible directors have been pitching ideas to us, so there might be a Compulsions video very soon. We’ve also been talking with The Bowery Presents about doing some more shows with them.

The GnR Syndicate: The Compulsions were recently described by Classic Rock Magazine as “The Coolest Band In The World. ” Do you feel any new pressure to live up to that title?

Rob Carlyle: That was a tremendous compliment from Classic Rock and we really appreciate the kind words. But no, we don’t feel any pressure to live up to it. We just always try to do our best.

The GnR Syndicate: If anybody wants to learn more about your band where should they go?

Rob Carlyle: Our website is being redesigned so the best place to go is our MySpace Page . We will be posting some big announcements very soon so keep checking back for updates. You can also hit me up on Facebook . I love hearing from fans and friends!

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The Compulsions from left to right: Joseph Merrigan, Brian Gabriel, Rob Carlyle, and Frank Ferrer. Their new album “Been Through Hell” will be coming soon to all major online music stores.

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