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Welcome to The GnR Syndicate

Posted: 2009-01-15 20:23:09

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This site has been a long time coming. I've had a couple of false starts, including an early morning epiphany that led me to scrap the original version altogether and start anew. At this moment I've still got a few odds and ends to address (thank you for your patience), but have rolled out the welcome mat in the meantime.

Feel free to make yourself at home and explore the site. I will be updating the flash presentation and music weekly, along with news updates, and editorials pertaining to Guns. Questions or comments about this site may be sent via "Site Contact". Any feedback in regards to the forum please use the feedback section.

Please also consider the Cancer Charity link for a close friend of mine dealing with cancer at age 31. All money will go to the cost of her chemotherapy, medical bills, and living expenses. Once she has beat this thing any surplus will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Kudos to Mike Goldberg at WebKit Studios and also thanks to Mygnr for the awesome wallpaper I have liberally applied to this site. Thanks for visiting and happy 2009.

Metallica extends an olive branch to Guns n Roses

Posted: 2009-01-15 20:22:44

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In a recent announcement Lars Ulrich of Metallica proclaimed their love of Guns latest endeavor, "all four of us love Chinese Democracy", and went further saying they would be interested in a co-headlining tour. Lets keep our fingers crossed on that one. 2009 just keeps getting better and better (no pun intended of course.)

Discuss this recent announcement here .

Rolling Stone: Chinese Democracy = 4/5 Stars

Posted: 2009-01-12 11:00:23

"Let's get right to it: The first Guns n' Roses album of new, original songs since the first Bush administration is a great, audacious, unhinged and uncompromising hard-rock record."

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